How often to water peace lily

Peace lilies are one of the easiest plants to grow. They don’t like being too dry, but they also don’t like being too wet. They want their soil evenly moist, but not soaked. If you can maintain that balance, your peace lily will be a happy and healthy plant.

Peace lillies are much more tolerant to underwatering than overwatering.  When you do water your peace lillies, make sure you don’t soak the soil and that your pot has proper drainage.

How often should you water a peace lily?

Peace lilies should be watered about once per week. Peace lilies are tropical plants that require moist soil at all times but do not tolerate overwatering well; so if you notice the leaves turning yellow or wilting during periods of dryness, it’s time to add water!

How long can a peace lily go without water?

Two to three weeks is the longest that a peace lily should go without water.  If peace lilies are not watered for a while they will begin to dry out and the leaves will turn yellow and brown.

How to know when to water peace lily

You can tell if your peace lily needs water by feeling the soil.  If the soil is dry, then your peace lily has absorbed most of the water it has and needs more water.  You can also tell by the leaves.  If peace lily leaves turn yellow and wither, they need more water.

How often should I water my peace lily indoors?

Water evaporates more slowly indoors, so peace lilies do not need to be watered as often when inside as opposed to outside.  Watering your indoor peace lily once per week will keep it hydrated.

Should I mist my peace lily?

Peace lilies enjoy a good misting, especially if the air is dry.  Spraying water on your peace lily using a spray bottle will ensure that it stays healthy and hydrated.

How often to water peace lily in winter

In general, peace lilies need less water in the winter because the soil does not dry up as quickly as in the summer. In the winter it is okay to use less water when watering your peace lilies. You should water your peace lily every other week in the winter months.

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