How often to water poinsettia

Poinsettias are popular Christmas holiday plants because of their green leaves and red flowers.  They generally bloom from October 1st to December 1st because they are long-night plants meaning they require long periods of darkness.

To keep your plants alive and healthy, you want to water poinsettias once per week.

Can you overwater a poinsettia?

If you overwater your poinsettias, you will see the leaves turn yellow and drop.  Another risk of overwatering poinsettias is that the roots could rot and cause your plant to die.  To avoid overwatering your poinsettia, check the soil and avoid watering if it is already moist.

What does an overwatered poinsettia look like?

The first sign of an overwatered poinsettia is discoloration in the leaves.  Once leaves have started to turn yellow, they will eventually drop.  This occurs because when a plant’s roots are waterlogged it blocks oxygen.  Poinsettia roots need oxygen to survive and will die if they cannot breathe.

How do you save an overwatered poinsettia?

One of the main risks of overwatering is depriving the roots of oxygen.  This being said, you will want to dry up the soil quickly if you have overwatered.  Make sure that your poinsettia has proper drainage so the water can escape.  To cause the water in the soil to evaporate more quickly, consider moving the plant outside.  If it is less humid outside than inspire, the soil will dry up more quickly.  Also, the direct sunlight on the soil could warm it up causing quicker evaporation.  If you overwatered your poinsettia, make sure your soil is dry before the next time you give it more water.

Do you water a poinsettia from the top or bottom?

Watering poinsettias from the top

It is perfectly fine to water your poinsettia from the top.  Top watering allows for the water to make its way through the soil and drain out from the bottom. If your poinsettia is in a pot, you want to make sure that it has drainage holes at the bottom.  You can put your pot on a plate for the drained water has somewhere to go.

Should you mist poinsettias?

Misting your poinsettia is a great way to increase humidity.  If you have a spray bottle at home, you can fill it up with water and lightly mist your poinsettia every couple of days.

How do I know if my poinsettia needs more water?

The best way to know if your poinsettia needs more water is by checking if the soil is dry.  You should only water your poinsettia when the top layer of soil is completely dry to the touch.

Do poinsettia plants need drainage holes?

You want to provide your poinsettias with at least one drainage hole.  Without proper drainage, water could accumulate and cause root rot.  Proper drainage is key to keeping your poinsettias alive and healthy.

About Poinsettias

Poinsettias are indigenous to Mexico and Central America.  However, it has been commercialized as a holiday plant and is widely available in stores.  Since it has Christmas colors of green and red and also flowers in the winter, it poinsettias have been branded as a christmas plant.

Are poinsettias perennial or annual?

Despite being seasonally popular, poinsettias are perennials.  This means that they can be kept year after year and will continue to bloom as long as they are properly cared for.  Most poinsettia plants only last about 2 years.  However, that life expectancy can be extended with proper watering and light exposure.

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