How often to water lavender

When recently planted, you want to water lavender once or twice per week until the plant is established.  After the root system has fully developed, water your lavender every 2-3 weeks to keep it healthy, growing, and blooming.

Should you water lavender every day?

Lavender plants

Lavender is a drought-tolerant plant meaning it does not need to be watered very frequently.  Watering lavender plants every day may cause issues related to overwatering.  For best results, water your plants every 2 weeks instead of daily.

How do I know if my lavender plant needs water?

You can tell if your lavender plant needs water by checking the soil.  It is recommended to let the soil dry between watering.  That being said, touch the top of the soil and if it feels dry then it is ready to be watered again

How often should I water potted lavender?

potted lavender

Lavender in pots should be watered very thoroughly every 2 weeks.  Make sure that your flower pot has drainage holes at the bottom.  If no water flows out from the bottom you might want to water a bit more.

How much to water newly planted lavender

Newly planted lavender requires more water to help develop its roots system.  Considering lavender plants prefer to have a lot of sunlight, they can soak up water and dry out quite quickly.  You should aim to water newly planted lavender twice per week.

Do I water lavender less in the winter?

Yes, during the winter months you do not have to water lavender as frequently.  You should wait 4-6 weeks between watering in the winter.  With less daylight your plant does not need to water as frequently as during the summer the summer months.

How often should you water lavender seeds?

You should water lavender seeds as soon as they are planted.  After the first watering, you should aim to water your lavender every other day for the first couple of weeks.  Seeds require a lot of moisture to begin germinating.  You want to keep the soil water, but not completely soaked.

Is lavender an indoor or outdoor plant?

You can grow lavender outdoors or indoors in a pot.  While they can do well in both environments, lavender really likes sunlight and will grow better outdoors.  However, they’re a very fragrant plant, so many plant owners like to keep them indoors.  If planted indoors, it is encouraged to keep lavender near a window to maximize the amount of sun exposure.

How often should I water lavender outside?

You can water your lavender every 2-3 weeks, but you should take rain into consideration. If it has rained recently, it’s likely your lavender does not need any more water.

Lavender is known as a drought-resistant plant, so it handles geographies with low amounts of rain quite well.

About Lavender

Lavender is a very popular plant with beautifully colored flowers.  Not only is it popular because of its color, but it is also very fragrant.  It is native to Europe and usually planted in the spring so that they can bloom in the summer.

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