How often to water pothos

Pothos are very common house plants because they require very little maintenance.  Pothos plants do well with low amounts of light which makes them great for the indoors.

Pothos only need to be watered every 1-2 weeks.  When there is more sunlight, you can water more frequently and pothos will grow more quickly.

How to know when pothos needs to be watered

You can tell if your pothos needs to be watered by feeling the soil.  If your plant’s soil feels completely dry, it needs to be watered.  If the soil feels wet or damp, wait a couple more days to dry out more.

Does pothos like to be misted?

Misting pothos leaves

Pothos does not need to be misted in order to grow.  Misting the leaves will not harm your pothos, but it will not benefit them either.

Can you overwater a pothos?

It is very difficult to overwater a pothos, but it is still possible.  Overly wet soil can cause the plant to be deprived of oxygen.  However, pothos is very hardy and should be able to survive being overwatered to some degree.

How do I know if I overwatered my pothos?

Pothos leaves

Overwatered pothos leaves will start to turn yellow and feel soft.  If your pothos smells like mildew, it might be starting to rot.

How long can pothos go without watering?

Pothos can survive a month without being watered.  They can live longer without water if they’re in a larger pot with more soil.  If your pothos is in direct sunlight the soil will dry out more quickly.

Should I water my pothos once a week?

You can water your pothos weekly during the summer months when there is more light.  Watering weekly will cause your pothos to grow more quickly.

Can you water pothos with tap water?

Watering pothos with tap water

Pothos plants do not mind tap water as long as it is not full of chlorine.  As long as your tap water is not contaminated, it will be fine to use to water your pothos.

About Pothos

Pothos (Epipremnum aureum) is an extremely common houseplant because it does not require much light or maintenance.  In nature, it can be found in the subtropical forests of Australia, South Africa, Southeast Asia, and Pacific islands.  It grows beautiful vines which make it a great hanging plant for the indoors.  Pothos thrives off of indirect sunlight, so it does not have to be right next to the window.

What are some other names for Pothos?

Pothos is also known as devil’s ivy, devil’s vine, hunter’s rove, silver vine, marble queen, money plant, and golden pothos.  However, the most commonly used name for the plant is simply pothos.

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